Rag Doll: Chapter 2

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Ever wondered what happens to that doll… Which gets rejected under Quality Control for a manufacturing defect? Where does she go? To the dump? To the second-hand store? Unwanted, Sold for a penny?

Ever wondered if she were a real person? What would happen to her confidence? How would it scar her mentally to be told that she’s a “manufacturing defect” and hence is rejected, for no fault of hers?

Why are we asked to adhere to the societal norms of beauty?

Fat, thin, tall, short, fair, dark… These are all notions created by man – by society. That fat is bad and thin is good, is also a belief propagated and sold to us by society!

Imagine for a moment… That the first person, who ever said that tall is ideal or that slim is ideal…, what if that person had said the other way around? What if they had said that fat is gorgeous and everyone who’s slim, needs to plump up to be accepted as beautiful?! Or that the shorter you are the hotter you are… anyone above 5 ft, wasn’t fit for the ramp! What would we have believed then?

These notions of beauty, are all someone’s belief that has been passed on to us… That we’ve been brainwashed of and made to believe over generations and generations!

But the truth is, that they were someone else’s beliefs… They need not be yours!

You have the freedom to define your own beautiful…! All you need, is to believe that you ARE beautiful, the way you are… And love yourself the way you are!

Society might treat you like a rag doll… But rag dolls, are the ones with the quirks…! They’re the ones with a strong personality… With a feisty will, a survival instinct and several interesting stories to tell!

Never ever let rejection chip away at your confidence…! It’s not you who’s got it wrong… It’s the society who’s brainwashed and blindfolded…! You can either choose to be bogged down by them… Or turn the tables and use them for your own amusement! They are after all, the supposed perfect “dolls” right.


Living doll liva fashion editorial sonal agrawal


Liva living doll sonal agrawal body positive


living doll body positive editorial photoshoot sonal agrawal doll makeup

body positive rag doll


Outfit Courtesy: Liva Fluid Fashion

Photography: Sonalee Das

Makeup and Hair: Sourav Roy

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