My Go-To look this Party Season

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It’s been a while since my last post, and especially since I did one of my hair routines. So, since the weddings as well as the party season is on in full swing, I thought why not share my current favorite go-to party look with you guys.


My Go-To look this Party Season


As you know, I like wearing my hair natural and curly… I think it looks glamorous as is! However, recently I’ve been experimenting a lot with my hairstyles thanks to this YouTube channel I subscribed to recently. (You guys can check out TRESemmé India’s YouTube channel as well. They have amazing, step-by-step tutorials which are very easy to learn from and recreate yourself!) The one difficulty that I’ve always faced with styling my curly hair myself, is that if it’s too complicated, then there are too many loose, baby hair that keeps messing around and it’s impossible to get a neat look. Hence, I’ve primarily been on the look-out for simpler hairstyles that are easy to DIY and yet very trendy and salon-like!


tresemme party curly hairstyle 4

So this particular hairstyle, ‘The Fairytale Curls’ which I learnt from TRESemmé India’s YouTube channel, has been my current favorite. I’m more of a side parting person, usually, so this center parting along with the twisted hair strands that go all the way to the back, give me a very different, stylish yet subtle look. It’s like you’ve made the effort, but it’s still in tune with the casual, laid-back trend of the season.


Since I have curly hair, this look is very easy to do because I don’t have to tong it all the way. But for you ladies with straight or wavy hair, you can just start by using tongs and curling your hair all the way before you get on to doing this. In fact, in spite of having curly hair, sometimes, I just use my Baby Liss Pro hair curler to give myself more defined and smoother curls before I got on with these hairstyles. 😉


You can also check out how I create the ‘Messy Chic Ponytail’ here, which is another one of my go-to looks this season.

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Curly hair comes with it's own set of self-styling issues, but this messy chic ponytail is versatile, stylish and can be done in 5 easy steps! Here's how you can do it! . . 1) Prep your hair with @tresemmeindia 's hairfall defense shampoo and conditioner and let it air-dry. . 2) Take the top section of your hair and back-comb it to give it a slight lift and clip it away. (People with straight hair can tong their entire hair and then try this out) . 3) Take the rest of your side and back hair and tie it into a high ponytail. . 4) Take the top section and use a U-pin to secure it with the ponytail, wrapping a section of it around the band of the ponytail. . 5) Run your fingers gently through the top section to slightly ruffle it up and give it a well-defined messy look. . And there you have it! 💃 . . . @missmalini #MyTresemmeStory #TresemmeIndia #ad

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In terms of the makeup, I like keeping it as natural as possible. A good, natural base i.e. moisturizer and sunscreen followed by concealer and a very natural foundation that is an exact match for my skin, is my go-to. For most evenings, I’ve been doing a quick-Smokey eye – with black and bronze eyeshadow, and using dramatic eyelashes which I believe make all the difference! I also pay a lot of attention to contouring my nose (since I have a broad one) and adding a good amount of highlighter because that just makes my whole face look sculpted and defined (and photographs brilliantly ;))!




Red, has somehow been one of my favorite colours this season. So, for this look, I chose to wear this gorgeous red and black silk dress with black pumps for a night out with Mr. Wolf. However, this Fairytale Curls hairstyle is something that you could wear to a brunch, a pool party or even a beach wedding and completely own the part! ☺


Tresemme party look hairstyle red dress louis vuitton bag


tresemme party hairstyle selfie


Hope you enjoyed reading this, and do let me know how it turns out if you decide to try it out for yourselves ☺






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