My Experience with Hamdard’s Safi – Product Review

hamdard safi acne removal review


Hey everyone. Welcome to December and this wonderful festive time! Festivities are all about fun, food, family and gorgeous outfits! And with that comes the extra dose of sweets and fried food! I mean, whoever ate salad for a meal on New Year’s?! Du-uh!


And where there’s sweets, and oily food AND the everyday layering of makeup on our faces, there’s bound to be skin problems!


To avoid all these… and as a preventive measure I started a course by Hamdard’s Safi, about 15 days before Diwali… And I’ve had a journey with ups and downs… but am glad that in the end, it’s been great for my skin!


The composition and why it works:


Safi is a herbal Unani medicine with a blend of 28 natural herbs that include Neem, Tulsi, Brahmi, sheesham, Chiraita and others. These herbs work on the root cause of all skin problems… the stomach and the liver! Like I mentioned even in my previous post, all skin problems are actually a result of an unhealthy stomach and toxins in our gut. The way Safi works, is that these herbs purify the blood from within our liver, and eliminate these toxins from our body… thereby improving our digestive system, our stomach condition and blood circulation… and this in turn, reflects in reduced acne, better skin quality and a healthy glow from within.


My Experience


I started my journey with Safi when because of the weather change and an excessive sugar binge, my skin began to feel dull and lifeless.

In the 1st week of consuming Safi, I actually felt that my digestive system was much better regulated and I had no more acidity or stomach discomfort. However, one thing started bothering me… my pimples had suddenly increased instead of reducing.


I then did some study and found out that herbal medicines actually work on removing the problem from its core. Hence, while in most cases it starts working on the problem immediately, in some rare cases, it first aggravates the problem to bring out all the toxins and then starts to cure it.


I happened to be one of those unfortunate rare cases! 🙁


So, if you were to see some of my other posts, which I shot about a week into the course with Safi, you’ll see a couple of pimples on my face which I didn’t have earlier! However, while most people would have discontinued the course right there, I didn’t… and that’s what’s the key and really helped!


By the end of the 15th day…that’s around Diwali time, I could see all those pimples fading away and a distinct glow on my face which I had been missing off-late. (And you can see that from my Diwali pics :D)


And now, after having used Safi for sometime, my skin feels much better than before. And while I’ve been continuing with using Safi for some more time, because I know that there are a few issues like the slight pigmentation and acne scars that it can still help with and which take more time…, I definitely feel healthy overall… from within!


Oh, and yes… a lot of you who followed my Safi journey on Instagram said that you disliked the taste (and there’s no denying that)! But hey, good things come to those who persevere! Plus, when you mix it with water and have it, the taste gets diluted and is then hardly a problem… And in the end… I think it was all worth it 😉









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