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I first used the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer about 3 years ago, when my mum got one for herself on one of her trips to Singapore.


The name itself didn’t excite me because it said ‘Maximizer’… which to me, felt like something really artificial and cosmetic…! And I’m the kind of person who finds things that alter your natural skin, artificially and chemically, extremely disturbing. So, the word ‘Maximizer’ actually put me off!


However, when my mum kept going gaga over it, my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to try it on! And that’s it… I was SOLD!


Honestly… it didn’t really alter my lips or do anything to their shape or structure (Thank heavens for that) but the cooling sensation that the ‘active collagen’ ingredient provides reminded me of my favorite(st) lip balm ever – ERB’s mint and beeswax lip-balm, which I only once found in Thailand and could never get my hands on again.


The cooling sensation that I’m talking about is like this tingling on the lips that temporarily makes you feel like your lips are plumper… the kinds that you’d feel when you eat very spicy food and it rubs all over your lips! The lip maximizer has almost the same kind of effect… though obviously not as painful 😉


The main active ingredient in this, ‘Collagen’ is actually one of the most important proteins in our skin. It’s responsible for our skin’s elasticity and helps in healing. Collagen active cosmetics are hence, great for healing skin, for anti-aging (by increasing our skin’s elasticity), and removing pigmentation. So, when added to a lip gloss, it is super effective in quickly healing chapped lips, firming up sagging skin (which happens due to dry lips) and removing pigmentation caused by excessive use of lipsticks and sun exposure.


While the product is on, I do feel that my lips look slightly more plump  and it definitely makes them look smoother and tighter almost instantly…! As a result, it does makes you feel like you have a sexier pout! And what you feel, is what you behave!


And according to me, that feeling, is totally worth it 😉


I’m now on my 3rd vial of this sexy, minty, transparent liquid… and I don’t think I’m gonna give up using it very easy 😉


I usually use it by itself without any lipstick because the high definition gloss makes my natural lip-colour stand out and look great. But you could also use it like a gloss, over any lipstick of your choice.

Where to buy and Price in India:

Price in Sephora: INR 2800/-

Price on Strawberry Net: INR 2597/-

Price on Amazon: INR 4360/-  (What’s wrong with you Amazon!!!)

It might seem a little expensive at first, but once you use it, you’ll know that it’s totally worth it 🙂


Hope you liked this review and found it helpful. Do leave your comments and let me know what you think.




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