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Gaurang Shah Lakme Fashion Week Winter FEstive 2018

Wiser Weaves: An Interview with Ace Designer Gaurang Shah

  A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of chatting up with one of my most favorite Indian fashion designers, Gaurang Shah.   Gaurang’s creations aren’t just absolutely grand and breathtaking, they’re also ethically made and sustainable in every way possible. His label constantly strives to being back ethnic Indian weaves and fabrics, and …


Budget Friendly Route to a Sustainable and Ethical Wardrobe

If you read my previous post on PinkPepperCorn, it was all about why you need to start rethinking about your fashion choices! About why at a very personal level, you must start investing in clothes that are ethically made and fabrics that are sustainable and skin-friendly.   However, I understand that it is practically impossible …


Sustainable Fashion: But, How does it affect me?!

    Did you know that the Fast Fashion Industry, is the second largest polluter in the world, next only to the oil industry?! Or are you one of those who thinks that “sustainable fashion is just a foo-faa mumbo jumbo word, and that all these talks of sustainability and ecological contamination – how does …


The Wildling!  

  She wears her jewellery like her armor… Her face holds a warning… With her hair running wild… She wraps her Shuka around her body, like a shroud.. And takes the leap…   …The Wildling…!     Some say, ‘you learn about the culture of a place through their food’… I say the same about …


“BHU” – The Earth (Featuring ‘Ek Katha’ Organic Fashion)

  Hello beautiful people! I’m back with a new series under #MythicFashion and this time I’m exploring the ‘Panchmahabhutas’ or the ‘5 classic Elements of life’. This is the first chapter of this series and it starts with ‘Bhu’.     BHU stands for ‘Bhoomi’… or ‘Prithvi’ which means ‘Earth’. Incidentally, all ancient mythologies, refer to …


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