Are the 70’s Really Back?

Hi everyone! I’m sure we’ve all been seeing this whole hype about how the 70’s are back! The pallazos, jump suits, umbrella skirts and front knotted tops… yea.. They pretty much do look like they came right out of some 70’s movie!

Just the other day, I was sitting with my mum watching a Rishi Kapoor – Neetu Singh movie, when she said… I used to dress like that in college!

It suddenly gave me an idea and I went rummaging through her closet. Funnily I realized that almost everything… even stuff that’s ages old, actually does look like the stuff hanging around in stores these days. (My mom does keep her stuff very well-preserved – something I should’ve learnt from her… sigh.. Anyway..)

If fact, that I think is the most interesting thing about fashion trends this year… the fact that there are NO trends! According to me, it’s not just the 70’s… it’s also the 80’s and the 90’s alike! Bring out that old outfit from 5yrs ago and that too will be totally in vogue! That’s what I love most about this year… that’s the kind of fashion I prescribe to… where there’s no do’s and don’ts… there’s no limitation or prescription… where you can pick anything out of your closet, even if it’s decades old… and it still looks absolutely fashionable! It’s like fashion finally is celebrating the spirit of Evergreen!

So here’s a dress I pulled out from my mom’s closet with her age old sunglasses…! Teamed them up with some of my newest buys off the stores and viola! It looks classy, trendy and just like I remember her from my childhood… quite a blast from the past! wink

Dress and sunglasses: My mom’s wardrobe.

Bag from the 1970’s icons vintage collection by Hidesign.

Boots from Steve Madden.

Necklace from Aldo Accessories and that trendy, gypsy headband from Forever21.

Photo Courtesy: Archana Chaudhari (,

Umbrella Skirts Style

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