Spanish Style: The Country Girl

I’ve always had this fascination for taking traditional stories and cultures, and using them as inspiration to create looks that I’d wear in today’s world!

Spanish and Latin American Cultures have always fascinated me greatly as they’re symbolic of the fun and freedom from centuries ago! Traditionally, Spanish culture is what inspired all of Latin American and Mexican cultures! Centuries ago, ancient Spain was considered as the fashion capital of the world… long before France took over! No wonder then, that we still see fashion designers, every now and then, take inspiration from the Latinas and the Flamenco Dancers in creating their collections!

This year, the IIFA 2016 in Madrid, saw Bollywood’s leading ladies all dolled up in Spanish inspired looks from some of the leading designers in the country! (Read here)

So here I decided to create two looks of my own… One inspired by the Traditional Spanish Country girls… and one, which is a more modern Spanish gypsy look! This post, though, is focused on the Country girl look!

Traditional Spanish country girls were hardworking, tough women… who also knew how to have their fair share of fun! They worked shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts… in farms and fields, as sellers in the markets, as inn keepers and yet ran their households with large families! But after the hard day’s work, they also danced, and drank and knew how to party hard just like their men! Spanish women of that time were said to be feisty and flirty and yet had the underlying innocence that made them so attractive!

Hence, in order to represent that Spanish woman, in the modern day, I’ve chosen a white off-shoulder top paired with a front buttoned, sky blue maxi skirt, both from StalkBuyLove. The skirt has suspenders which remind me of what the peasant girls would probably wear… something that’s long and hence comfortable for them to work around in, yet securely in place so that the clothes don’t droop and cause inconvenience.

The off-shoulder top with balloon sleeves is a trend inspired from the traditional Latin American outfits and hence, in my mind, fits the look quite perfectly.

They’d also probably wear tall gladiator-like boots, that too, flats so that it helps them move around quickly and easily and yet be breathable.

Spanish women, especially the gorgeous flamenco dancers, were known to wear Red roses in their hair. I’ve borrowed that element from them and created this gorgeous headband using fresh roses to represent the flirty and fun side of this girl with an addition of some fun beady accessories!

That’s wonderful about this look is that I can actually wear it to a sun-downer or a beach party! And it’s a perfect day-wear look for any place that’s got a chilled out, fun vibe… especially beach cities like a Goa or Krabi! 😉

Outfit details:

Off Shoulder Top and Maxi Skirt with suspenders from

Gladiators from

Orange beady accessories from Aldo Accessories

Location Courtesy: Asado – The Cocktail Street, Mumbai (Perfect for this look, especially with it’s Latin American interiors and vibe)

All Photographs by : Sonalee D. (Sonalee’s Instagram)








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