Upcycled Winter Style – Chapter 1

Turning an old woollen scarf into a chic cropped-top layer…



My favorite season… Winter, is around the corner and I love everything about it! It’s my birthday season, it’s filled with festivities and most importantly, it makes for the classiest looking wardrobe ever! I absolutely adore winter layers! The coats, trenches, boots!! And as much as I wish to wear them on an everyday basis, the weather in Mumbai just doesn’t allow it! That’s probably the saddest part about living in Mumbai!


And hence, whenever I travel to a colder place (even if for just a week) … I end up buying a lot of winter-wear (because it’s like a one-time legit excuse ;))!! But then that winter-wear just keeps lying around and gets outdated by the next time you want to travel in winters again!


So, this time, I decided not to buy any new winter clothes, but to re-use my old clothes and existing winter-wardrobe to create a new wardrobe that looks as chic, as classy and as expensive as anything I could have bought off the racks now!


This is a 3-part series… am doing one post for 1 look each!


This first look is all about reusing your wardrobe basics and an old woolen scarf to turn it into stylish, light winter layers.




What I’ve basically done here is that I’ve used my old woolen scarf (which I bought in Singapore almost 6 years ago) and worn it as a crop top / top, over my staple, formal white shirt from H&M!


I could have just worn the scarf as a scarf… but then that would have been really basic (and boring) … so, I decided to give it a little twist and turn it into something else altogether!


It’s actually quite simple to do… I’ve folded the scarf into half and pinned it at two places, on both my shoulders. And have just let the rest of it hang loose over the shirt, with the shirt collars peeping out, to add that semi-formal, loose n laid-back yet chic appeal.


When you wear the scarf in this style, you get one side which is closed along your torso… and the other side, which is open. I’ve chosen to let it stay open coz it just allows for a lot of room for movement. However, you could also pin it down from a little under your arm, right down to the end, in order to make it even more crop top-like! (In case you think this is complicated – which its actually not – I can do a video showing you how to do this! Just let me know if you want me to :))


You can see the closed side here, so it looks like a sleeveless top from this side.



This is the other side where you can see that I’ve left the ends open. You can pin these two ends together along the side, if you like.



Wearing the scarf like this isn’t just a different way of using your old scarf, it also gives you a perfect light woolen layer, which means you don’t need a sweater or a jacket (at least in the present, fall weather during the day, and especially not in Mumbai). And, it is also the perfect way to fully showcase the beauty of that gorgeous scarf that you’ve always been folding and hiding around your neck!


And while I’ve used a plain, two-tone scarf, you could use anything… printed, knitted, ribbed… or even something with tassels on the edges… they’ll all look gorgeous when worn like this! (Just make sure you secure the pins properly so that they don’t create holes in your gorgeous drapes. In fact, you could even add a small little button on the two sides, if you plan to wear any of your scarves in this style, more regularly! ;))



I’ve paired it up with my most favorite pair of skinny jeans from H&M (which is about 2 years old), this gorgeous patched up sling from Zara and my heels from MFT Couture, to make sure that the outfit looks like a million bucks! And hey, no one can tell that it’s something I’ve put together from things that have been lying around in my cupboard for soooo long!





I personally feel that reusing your old clothes to DIY and make new styles out of them is the most interesting and pocket-friendly way to make your own style statement! Don’t you?


Let me know what you think about it in the comments below 🙂


Lots of Love





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