Beach Bohemia

Why Beaches and Boho are a match made in heaven!

Did you know you have a ‘Blue Mind’?! I didn’t… but according to Wallace J Nicholas, we all have a Blue Mind!

It means “A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity and a general sense of happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment, that’s triggered when we’re in or near water”!

Now it rings true, doesn’t it?!

Apparently, our mind is conditioned to react positively around water… No wonder then, that the first thing we think of when we think of a ‘holiday’ is a beach! (at least most of us). It also shows in the surge in tourism of all places beachy!


According to Nicholas, “Being near water can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight and even heal what’s broken!”

Well.. I certainly feel that there’s a sense of spiritual and mental freedom… a sense of ‘carefree’ that comes to me around water… and that reflects in our clothing, and not the other way round! (Even if I was to walk onto a beach in denims… the sea would still work its magic, but when your attire compliments your feelings… there’s nothing more you could ask for!)


The same goes for boho fashion! Our lives push us to such extremes on an everyday basis that the soul which is eternally vagabond, finds a natural gravitation towards fashion that is less restrictive, more carefree and creative! And that’s what bohemian fashion is all about!

In my mind, because beaches and boho fashion have the same essence at the core, and in the way they make us feel… Beach boho is pretty much a match made in heaven. It’s also probably why most bohemians, hippies and other such creative subcultures naturally made beach cities their addas. (Think Goa)

Here’s a beach boho look that I’d wear in Goa, Thailand, Mykonos or Bali… any beach city, irrespective of which part of the world it is in! And it doesn’t even have to be on the beach itself… because beach cities themselves acquire the spirit of the sea and absorb a general hippie vibe to them!



This look is one of my favourites because it has no rules… no do’s and don’ts… it can be as colourful, creative and as eclectic as I want it to be!

Outfit Details:

White Kaftan Dress: H&M India

Silver Necklace: Made by a local Balinese designer in Jakarta.

Blue beaded necklace: Forever 21

Metallic tattoos:

Hair flower clips: Decorations off a gift wrapping I received (:D)

Bracelets: A mix of beads from H&M and Aldo accessories.

Footwear: Forever 21





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