Party-time at the Beach!

Hey Everyone! With Diwali now behind us… I’m sure you’re all gearing up for Christmas and New Year! And what better place to celebrate these than at Goa!

I simply love Goa… I go there at least 2-3 times a year… for a minimum of 10 days at a stretch… was there whole of last two weeks and came back just a couple of days back (and am hating coming back already ) But if you’re going there around Christmas and New year, you’re obviously looking at spending a lot of time on the beach… and attending as many beach parties as you want!

Now there’s a difference in the way you dress for beach parties vs. parties at clubs… your city party wear that you’d wear to a club in Bombay is not something you wanna be wearing at a beach party in Goa… after all, you don’t wanna stand out like a sore thumb in your bling and heels, while everyone else looks all beachy and sexy…!

So if you’re going to a beach party… ditch the bling… get into something more fun… something you can lounge in and also dance in… something that’s comfortable and yet sexy!

Here I’ve put together 2 beach party looks… one for Christmas and one for New Year’s eve! Hope you like them and let them inspire you…

Look 1: “Angel of Yore”

I’m calling this look that I put together for Christmas, the ‘Angel of Yore’! It’s a breezy, bohemian look, inspired by the angels who came to bless Jesus Chirst on the day of his birth at Jerusalem.

Flowing white maxi-dress with pastel butterfly prints, bright colourful accessories and a pretty floral tiara… everything that symbolizes purity, innocence and the blossoming of life…! Everything I imagine the angels to be dressed in… Innocent, and Hot! (Just wish I had the wings too… )

Details of the outfit:

White Maxi dress from China Town, Singapore

Colourful accessories (necklace and bracelet) from The Chim Shop in Palolem, Goa

And Floral tiara I got for Rs.50 from the local market at Palolem and my favorite beaded spiral bracelet worn like an anklet!

I personally love going barefoot when I head out to beach parties…sinking my feet into the cool evening sand… the true blue bohemian way… :), which is why I make sure I add a statement anklet to my foot… (usually wear bracelets instead ;))… But if you must, add a pair of pretty flip flops to this and you’ll be ready to rock the beach!





Look 2: Vintage Tribe

This New Year’s beach party look, I’m calling, The Vintage Tribe! This look, I think has a very chic, modern yet vintage feel… not the bling that you’d expect from regular New Year’s outfits… This vintage floral printed romper from Zara has the perfect blend of casual and classy… comfortable and chic…! Paired up with the right accessories, it makes for a fantastic beach party outfit!

Now you all know by now that I’m not a very ‘earrings’ person… But I felt that this outfit called for something, so I wore this single statement bird ear-cuff from Amrapali Jewels to complete the sexy-tribal-vintage look…!

Details of the outfit:

Romper from Zara

Bird ear-cuff form Amrapali Jewels (This earring comes in a pair… however, I like wearing it as a single ear piece, so my BFF and I, decided to keep one of each ;))

Turquoise anklet (which again, is actually supposed to be a bracelet) from the Tibetan market in Leh

And my mum’s green beaded necklace from Bali, that I’m wearing around my hand.

Oh and both these looks wont just look great for a night beach party, but also in the daytime 🙂


All photos by Mr. Wolf (Kalyan Challapalli)










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